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Tens of thousands of men and women are employed on mines throughout Australia. Out of the Pit seeks to meet the needs of these precious people. Many struggle with loneliness, and feel isolated from family and friends. We help them find Christian friends and a local church. Moist have no relationship with Jesus. Our passion is that they have a living encounter with the Saviour. Others are trapped in destructive addictions and need the freedom found in Jesus. The opportunity for the Kingdom of God is truly awesome. We invite you to partner with us. Together as a team we can see the lives of thousands of miners, their families and communities transformed by Jesus Christ.

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Giving is a wonderful way of being a vital part of this kingdom ministry. Your generosity enables us to reach needy miners with God’s love.

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Join our network of prayer warriors and see what God does when people pray. As a prayer warrior not only will you impact others, but you will experience real growth in your own faith level.

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